Masonic Education

Greetings, and welcome to This site is operated and managed by WB Dave Van Pelt of St. John’s Lodge #1 in Mountain Lakes, NJ. This site is meant to be a guide and a resource for all Brother’s and Lodges to enhance their Masonic Education with an extensive list of short & long lectures designed to be used by any member, on any topic of his choosing, to bring Light to our Fraternity and our Brethren. I hope you enjoy our database of topics, and we will continue to periodically add more content. Thank you.

Other Resources – The Masonic Light

4th Degree

4 Cardinal Virtues

A Focus On Freemasonry

A Foundation Stone

A Lodge at Work

A Masonic Dictionary

A Master’s Wages

A Plan For Action

A Prophecy From The Past

A Road To Success

A Study Of The Winding Staircase

A Temple of Living Stones

A Time With Patience – Chamber of Reflection

A World Of Priorities

A Mason’s Charity


Adams Quote

Albert Pike (2)

Albert Pike Man Of Fire

Albert Pike The Man Not The Myth

Albert Pike

Albert G. Mackey – The Symbolism of Freemasonry

Albert Pike – The Book Of The Words (raw)


Amos What Sees Thou

An Erring Brother

Ancient York Masons


And Give Them Proper Instruction

And The Greatest Of These Is Charity

As Above So Below

Ashlars – Rough, Smooth, Story Of A Stone

A Study Of The Winding Staircase (2)

Attracting Masonic Leaders

Baphoment Revisited

Becoming a Mason and Being a Mason

Behind The Symbol All Degrees

Behind The Symbol

Benjamin Franklin Freemason

Benjamin Franklin Freemason (2)

Brother George L Fox 4 Chaplains

Brotherly Love In The Lodge

Buffalo Bill Cody

Cable Tow

Charter Warrant

Civic Responsibility Of Individual Lodges



Corn Wine and Oil


Creating a Masonic Elevator Pitch

Creating Interest

Dare To Be Different

Dark and Light in the Lodge

Davy Crockett Freemason on the Frontier

Dedicating The Washington Masonic Memorial

Dedication Through Education

DeMOLAY and Freemasonry

EA and God by Murphy

Early Masonry in England

Ellis Island

Entered Apprentice Quiz

Esoteric Contemplation

Every Brother His Own Tyler

Fellow Craft Quiz


Five Masonic Thoughts

Five Points 2

Five Points 3

Foundations of Masonic Law

Four Cardinal Virtues

Free And Accepted

Free and Accepted (1)

Freemasonry And Democracy

Freemasonry And Public Education

Freemasonry and the American Revolution

Freemasonry Defined

Freemasonry During Wartime

Freemasonry in Colonial America

Freemasonry The Sleeping Giant

Freemasonry Youth And You


Freemasonry and Patriotism

Freemasonry During Civil War

Freemasonry From England to the Colonies to the USA

Freemasonry the Original Social Network

Freemasonry’s Future

Freemasonry’s Monument

Freemasons at Yorktown

Friend To Friend Masonic Memorial

From Whence We Came


General Douglas MacArthur

George Washington A Remarkable Man

George Washington A Remarkable Man Part 2

George Washington Masonic Memorial

George Washington Some personal facts

George Washington

Give Me the Secrets of a Master Mason

Growing The Leader

Guardians of the Gates



Houdini Master Of Illusion

How Does Masonic Behavior Influence

Ideas and Leadership

Importance of Attending LodgeI

In Whom Do You Put Your TrustI

Incorporating Our Obligations

Increasing Lodge Attendance

John Marshall

Joseph Warren

Jubal and Tubal Cain

Judaism and Freemasonry

King Solomon’s Quarries


Language Of The Heart

Leadership for Lodge Officers

Learning Of Ritual

Lesser Lights

Letters In The Sand

Lewis and Clark

Lodge Leadership

Lodge Officer Duties

Lost Word Found In The Great Work

Making Good Men Better

Many Men Many Minds

Mason View of Saints John The Apostle and Baptist

Masonic Aprons Ancient Tradition and History

Masonic Degrees And Their Meaning

Masonic Education

Masonic Geometry

Masonic Jeapordy

Masonic Philosophy

Masonic Sites In Historic Philadelphia

Masonic Symbol Quiz

Masonic Titles

Masonic Trivia and Facts

Masonic Writing How To

Masonic Allegiance To Our Flag

Masonic Cornerstones

Masonic Funeral Service

Masonry and Religion

Masonry and the Ancient Sciences

Masonry and the Statue of Liberty

Masonry In Business

Masonry In The Great Light

Masons At The Battle Of Gettysburg

Mason Knights of Charity

Masons Making A Difference

Master Mason Quiz

Master Mason


Master Piece


Members Or Masons

Masonry and the American Indian

Men Who Build Bridges Not Walls

Mentoring Program: A Working Tool For Membership Retention

More Light

Mother Lodge

Motivating The Mason As A Private Citizen

Motivation Of Lodge Members In Masonic Activities


My Lodge Needs Me

Nine Questions

Old Legends of Hiram Abiff

Our Trust Is In God

Masonic Relations With The Knights of Columbus

Our Most Valuable Asset – Friendship

Our Masonic Responsibilities

Origin of our Masonic Ritual

One Hundred Lost Words

On Senate Confirmations of Men and Masons

Oldest Masonic Lodge in the World

Our Charge To Be Freemasons

Paul Revere

Pearl Harbor And The Mighty Mo

Point Within A Circle

Powers of the Master of Your Lodge

Putting Masonry Into Men Beyond the Ritual

Pythagoras Masonic symbolism

Rusty Nail Degree

Sir Winston Churchill

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Sun Moon and Stars

Solomons Temple – Hiram Abiff and the Phoenicians

Teamwork Makes The Difference

The Antiquity Of Geometry

The Art of Presiding

The Bill of Rights and Freemasonry

The Boston Tea Party

The Builders

The Challanges of Past Masters

The Charges of a Freemason

The Church and the Lodge as They Meet In Man

The Doolittle Pictures

The Five Senses

The Flag Speaks

The Gnostics – Jacques Lacarriere

The Greatest American Mason

The Guns of 75

The Importance of the Legend of Hiram Abiff

The Investigating Committee

The Irish Connection

The Lambskin Apron

The Legend of the Lost Word

The Legend of the Temple

The Lost Word

The Magic of Masonry

The Masonic Apron

The Masters Lodge in Boston

The Morgan Affair

The Mysteries of Mithras

The Northeast Corner

The Past Master

The Regius Manuscript

The Reputation of the Fraternity

The Rough Life of the Ruffians

The Story of Hiram Abiff

The Symbolism of the Two St. Johns

The Templar Stream Enters Freemasonry

The Temple Legend Part 1

The Temple Legend Part 2

The Temple Legend part 3

The Temple Legend Part 4

The Ancient Landmarks of Masonry

The Difference Between Masonic Jurisdictions

The Holy Saints John

The Letter G

The Lost Rites of the Age of Enlightenmet

The Masonic Cable Tow

The Missing Working Tools

The MM Working Tools

The Pillars

The Real Mystery of Prince Henry Sinclair

The Three Great Lights Lodge

The “Secrets” of Freemasonry

The 47th Problem

The Apron

The Boston Tea Party

The Cardinal Directions

The Holy Saints John and Freemasonry

The Symbolism of the Stone

Understanding the Ritual

Valley Forge

Visiting Other Lodges

Warren G Harding

Westward HO

What Does Freemasonry Offer The World

Who Leads The Leader

What Makes You A Mason

Why Become a Mason Myself

Why Mentoring

Work Work Work